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Changing the look of your kitchen? Or perhaps you need a new stove. Either way, B-N-C Cabinetry offers the best in high-tech home appliances that will make you want to cook every night. Upgrading an appliance in your kitchen can have a huge impact on the taste and quality of the food you make. Explore our vendors for an idea of the types of appliances we can bring to your home.

Viking Appliances

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In spite of its tremendous growth and success, Viking Range Corporation remains essentially the same entrepreneurial company it was at its inception. This small, close-knit company culture serves Viking, its customers and its community well, and greatly contributes to the company s ongoing growth and success. By carefully preserving this unique, creative and stimulating environment, and through offering only the very finest, highest quality products, Viking plans to continue its aggressive growth and expansion to further increase its already strong presence in the worldwide major appliance and related culinary lifestyle industries.

Mannys Appliances

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Now with multiple locations across the Pioneer Valley and Connecticut, Manny's company and his employees abide by the same slogan " "We have to be better, we live here."